This game is the result of a semester-long project for Advanced Game Studios (53-472). It was created entirely by students in the class and a few talented friends who generously shared their time and expertise to make this possible.

Buggy AllStars

A Strike Force Studios Production
Executive Producer 
Tom Corbett
Trento von Lindenberg 


Art Director
Eric Yu
2D/3D Environment
Angelina Shi
3D Environment
Austin Garcia
Buggy + Props
Lisa Lo
Buggy+ Textures
Daniela Moll 
Char Art + Animation
Sanjay Salem
Char Art + Animation
Vic Naumov
Concept Art
Michael Poirier
3D Props
Sydney Ayers


Lead Game Designer
Adela Kapuscinska
Design Buggy Expert
Nicole Chu 
UI/UX Design
Jaeyeon Huh
UI/UX Design
Jisoo Shon
Content Design
Lisa Lo     
Gus Saalfeld
Sound Design 
 Hannah Gluvna


Lead Programmer 
Angelo Pagliuca
Adrian Biagioli
David Morales
Gameplay +Sound
Miheer Lele
Thomas Wrabetz
UI +Gameplay
Emil Balian
Dynamic UI
Alejandro Murillo
Buggy Announcer
Will Weiner
Buggy Pushers
Andrew Carnegie
Margaret Morrison
Farnam Jahanian
Jim Garrett
Anne Witchner


Music (Main Menu)
"Story has Begun (Kielokaz 156)"
by KieLoKaz  [link]
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License

Technical Support

Perforce Support
Steve Audia (ETC)
Web Support
Tim Parenti (IDeATe)

Additional Resources

Some campus building models provided courtesy of the following students
Reality Computing Studio [F19]
Mert Bozfakioglu
Matt Henderson
Byungju Lee
Skylar McAuliffe
Woody McCoy
Lauren Zhang
Emily Zhou

Special Thanks

Buggy Alumni Association
Anne Witchner
Ben Matzke
Kaycee Palko
 Laurel Bosshart
 Will Weiner
 Tom Wood   
Keith Webster
Susan Finger
Kelly Delaney
Gretchen Graff
Tim Parenti
George Minick
 Cody Szoska 
Entertainment Technology Center
Drew Davidson
 Mike Christel
 Jesse Schell
 Mary-Cathering Dieterle  
Steve Audia
 Bryan Maher
 John Underwood
Brad King

Additional Thanks

Kristen Kurland, Emma Slayton, Patrick Jalbert, Justin C. Macey, Paul Gerlach, Zachary Kowalewski, Mary Garrett, Boyao Yu, Tishya Girdhar, Annie Black, James T. George, Hunter Dyar, and all of our playtesters!