Buggy is Back

Bigger, Badder, Buggier is the second iteration of Buggy Allstars, a racing game that celebrates over 100 years of Buggy History at Carnegie Mellon University. We are the Buggy Builders, a class-based indie studio, and this year, we have made our game web-based from the get-go, making it more accessible for everyone.

Let's Play!

Choose from 3 tracks!
Schenley Park, Schenley Park Lapping, and Rainbow Bridge


More power-ups, more sabotages! Help yourself or hinder your opponents with 4 different items!


Choose from 11 unique buggies with different speeds and accelerations.

A Time-Honored Carnegie Mellon Tradition

Buggy is a student-led relay race that happens every Spring Carnival. This “Sweepstakes” is all about speed and efficiency, as teams of students compete to create the fastest buggy.

Last year, this studio class created a game for the 100th anniversary of Buggy as a way to celebrate and let people try their hand at racing. COVID forced us off campus, but the result was a fun online experience. We decided to push the barriers even further this year with an expanded sequel!

Our Team

We are a 19-person interdisciplinary game studio who have spent the Spring 2021 semester creating a full-fledged game for the IDeATe course "Advanced Game Studio".

Our team is made up primarily of students, along with the help of some faculty, staff, and outside consultants. We each took on a project role in one of the three teams - Programming, Art, and Design - and worked collectively to develop this game in 15 weeks (plus a little pre-production).

Game Trailer